Friday, March 27, 2009

An initiation

I've tried blogging numerous times before. It's fairly straightforward, though my attention span doesn't seem to be conducive to maintaining and sustaining a coherent theme to one specific blog. Hence, my blogger profile is littered with the corpses of blogs-that-were-but-are-no-longer-active, although this time will be different (I swear). Instead of nonsensical ramblings about the state of the world, this will be a structured, weekly compilation of published scientific literature that I find the most interesting and relevant to the world at large. Yes, there will be digressions into discussing the latest Ig-Nobel worthy feline gender identity research, but hopefully I'll maintain my focus on the studies that really matter, leaning towards my tripartite passion of infectious diseases, child health, and critical care.

Today, as an intro, one of my favourite TED talks of the past few years, not necessarily because of its debatable content, but moreso because of its effective use of data visualization to convey a complicated message.

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